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Way too much piss for two bladders.

Okay, I'm walking in the door, and I'm feeling pretty good, y'know. I mean, I found out that the Orchestra didn't do as bad as we thought at ajudication, and now we're going on to state. So, I let the dogs out, and back in. I straighten some things up that no one bothered to fix after I left this morning, just the usual. I get all my stuff together I need for the fricking biology homework and head downstairs. What do I find?

At this point, I'm not feeling so great. And believe me, there was a lot of piss. It was EVERYWHERE! I'm serious, just about all of the carpet was drowning in gallons and gallons of piss! Thing is, I'm not too good with cleaning supplies, so I had to wing it with this one carpet cleaning thing, and it seems alright, I guess. [The thing is, I was on hands and knees cleaning up my dogs' piss. They should clean up their own piss! Come on, they don't even get the paper, they can at least clean up their own piss!] Then I vacuum for good measure, of course. But at like the exact second that I finish wrapping up the vacuum cord, the phone rings and it's Angela... that was really nice. She has quite the timing, and apparently now she's giving Wayne a birthday party and now Rachael and Brittany are going, and if they didn't already know, Angela just told me.
One other thing, cleaning up dog piss really gets someone mad enough to screw their "diet" over. I seriously have been trying to do the whole "healthy lifestyle" bullshit/thing, and it took all of my willpower to not kill my dogs, so I didn't have any willpower left to resist those damn sticky buns... and no that's not some creepy metaphor. [Basically my train of thought was, "OMG!WTF? Piss?! This is such bullshit... I NEED A FRIGGIN STICKY BUN!"] It just gets me even grumpier that I went and ate that completely unhealthy stuff for no good reason, and I lost like 19 pounds since late December, even though it doesn't look like it all... which I will not rant about because bitching about piss will suffice for now.
Edit: The new Reggie and the Full Effect album now owns my soul and everyone must go to www.mtvu.com and listen to it.
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