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Christmas post

Well, I opened my presents yesterday since Freddy is going to his dad's today, otherwise he would have no time to play with his toys. Normally on Christmas Eve we all go to my grandparents house, but not this year. And we're having our annual Christmas dinner tomorrow, so Freddy will be with us. We're really breaking tradition, and even though it's not a big deal, my mom's sort-of upset about it. And it doesn't help that our tree fell over and broke. She thinks it's an omen.

But now for the list!

From my homies:
Anne - the box w/ketchup that I love ever-so much, inflatable penguin
Rachu - pleather bag w/ extra pleather that was too cute
Stephanie - Picture frame with collage inside that's very fun and sitting by my computer
Zada - cookies! [from the one called Cookie by her aunt, how appropriate!]

John Fluevog chopper boots with "F-THIS" and "F-THAT" printed on
Hot Topic boots with ridiculous heel, which my 5'4" self needs
2 spiderweb shirts (1 red, 1 black) - Matt said they should be socks they're so small
Hot Topic Schoolgirl dress that my parents said made me look like "Heidi the Kinderwhore"

Electronic Devices:
DVD burner!!! [I owe Matt big time]
Various CD's and DVD's
Black DVD/CD's which I'm going to use up way too fast

All in all, I think I'm pretty fucking lucky... and Freddy just got toys and games! What was he thinking asking for stuff he'll break in a week?
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